To the Editor:

Hello friends and neighbors-

This is my first letter to pledge support for Stacey McEvoy for Borough Council. As a long-time Boro resident and active volunteer, I recognize the traits that make Stacey especially qualified to represent our community on our Chatham Borough Council. Her role as a working parent is not unique in Chatham Boro. Her passion to improve Chatham is outstanding. As a writer and content coordinator, Stacey highlights the families of Chatham in the monthly Chatham Living magazine. The publication allows readers to see how Stacey views Chatham Borough and provides her perspectives that make us proud to live in Chatham Borough.

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Stacey keenly understands negotiations. As the matriarch of 3 children she negotiates every day. What makes Stacey's negotiation skills unique is her larger perspective. While other Borough Council candidates proclaim they will bring significant cost savings and better terms for Chatham Borough, Stacey knows there are at least two parties to every agreement, whereby each party must perceive a benefit for an agreement. Other Council candidates do not seem to comprehend this fact, or neglect to mention it.

As for the campaign for underground utilities, there is no plan for how this effort will be funded. The options for payment include: (1) customers paying, (2) the utilities' reducing their net income to allow Chatham Borough residents to receive the benefit, or (3) with Government subsidization (National, State or Morris County). PSE&G is currently replacing the natural gas lines in Chatham Borough right now, through a State grant, and the streets impacted as disastrous. Work is being performed from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm, Monday thru Saturday. The PSE&G crew is working on No. Summit Ave right now – on Halloween. The underground utility program will have the same impact if we leave it to our government to subsidize. Stacey will work diligently to ensure neighborhoods are not negatively impacted by these aggressive campaign plans.

I kindly ask you to think about the campaign issues that have been presented, take a long-range view for their feasibility and cost impact, and make the correct decision voting for Stacey McEvoy for Chatham Borough Council on November 5, 2019.

Jim Le Mon
8 Weston Ave
Chatham Boro resident since 1989