To The Editor:

I have lived in Chatham Borough for over 19 years and consider moving here to be one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made.  We chose Chatham for the same reasons as many other couples have - we had our first child two years prior and wanted to live in a town with excellent schools, a warm welcoming community, and a small town feel without being far from "civilization".  I truly hope that what has made Chatham Borough such an attractive and inviting place to live, work and raise a family will continue on for future generations.

That said, preserving and improving upon what all of the Borough's residents have been blessed with takes hard work, dedication and an innovative, flexible mindset to carry us forward.  We all want what is best, and although we may each have a slightly or greatly different idea of what that is, one thing we can agree upon is that we need leadership.   Leadership requires listening. Leadership requires you to put the greater good ahead of any personal benefit you could receive if you went another way.  Leadership requires showing up and being there when it's not convenient because others are counting on you.  Leadership requires skill, experience, dedication, commitment and other important traits.  Fortunately for all of us, Thad Kobylarz has those traits and more.

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I met Thad a few years ago and was immediately impressed by his enthusiasm for getting involved with our community.  That enthusiasm helped the Chatham Borough Democratic Committee grow from a few folks meeting in a room at the library with quite a few extra seats to what is now a large and vibrant group of civic-minded residents all participating to make our community stronger with new ideas and energy.  A few years later, he is now on our Borough Council and is running for Mayor after knocking on more doors than I ever knew existed.  He got to where he is in our community by showing up and listening and I know he will continue to do that and much more if he is elected to be our Mayor.  I strongly endorse Thad Kobylarz for Mayor and with him, Irene Treloar and Karen Koronkiewicz for Chatham Borough council.

Thank you,

Anthony A. Torrioni