To the Editor:

You wouldn’t know it by listening to the Chatham Democrats, but Chatham Borough has for years been one of the best-run municipalities in New Jersey. Why? Because for years Republican stewardship focused on providing essential services at an efficient cost, keeping the size of local government to a minimum while encouraging a culture of community volunteerism. For generations, Chatham’s fiscally conservative leadership was rewarded with top-notch credit ratings, evidence of a low debt burden, sound budgeting practices, and stable property taxes.

The results of Republican leadership are clear:

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  • Streamlined Planning Board approvals enacted several years ago, aimed at revitalizing our business district, are bearing fruit, as new shops and eating establishments have opened for all to enjoy.
  • The impending redevelopment of Post Office Plaza, with the promise of new residents and dining establishments in a currently blighted area is the result of a deliberative planning process started years ago under Republican leadership.
  • Chatham’s infrastructure, including sidewalks, curbing, stormwater systems, paper street paths, water pumping stations and our critical sewage treatment plant will serve Chatham into the future because of investments made on Republican watch, taking advantage of low-cost capital and grant programs to minimize the cost to taxpayers.
  • The Historic Riverside Trail at Shepard Kollock is a beautiful place to go for a quiet stroll, while new pocket parks along Main Street have provided gathering spaces for residents. Refurbished athletic facilities at Memorial Park, Lum Field, and Shepard Kollock are enjoyed by recreation program participants. Much of this was delivered with grants and prudent capital budgeting practices by fiscally conservative Republicans.
  • Care for our environment has resulted in the planting of thousands of trees along the Passaic River and throughout town. The discontinuance of chemical pesticides and fertilizers on our fields was an initiative supported by the Republican governing body following a careful data-driven analysis.

In short, Republican leadership has focused on the Chatham community – not building a bench of candidates for higher office or advocating for representatives in Trenton whose reckless taxation policies are driving our residents out of New Jersey. Bob Weber, Stacey McEvoy, and Paul Kelley all promise to continue the tradition of keeping Chatham a great place to live by focusing on effective, consensus-driven solutions to local challenges.

Bob Weber has been a tireless community servant for 26 years, most recently as a Borough Councilman, and I know he will put an impressive resume of volunteer and professional experience to work as Mayor. Bob’s involvement with Chatham’s Boy Scouts is legendary, and his experience as a Morris County prosecutor and Chatham schoolteacher are further evidence of his dedication to the local community. As a Council member, Bob led the fight to maintain Chatham as a safe place for our children by leading efforts to stop the legalization of marijuana in Trenton, and by ensuring that marijuana-related retail and production facilities never open in our town.

A 17-year resident, Stacey McEvoy has dedicated herself to a variety of community endeavors while raising three children and serving as editor of Chatham Living magazine and handling writing and public relations duties at the Madison Area YMCA. Stacey volunteers her time at Chatham Bridging the Gap and the Madison Chatham Coalition, has been a parent team manager for Chatham United Soccer, and is an active member of St. Patrick Church where she serves as a lector and Sunday school teacher.

Paul Kelley, a 10-year resident, has invested personally in Chatham Borough’s future, having re-developed several homes in need of extensive renovation or replacement, thus improving the quality and aesthetics of the Borough’s older housing stock. Paul has a solid working knowledge of the Borough’s zoning ordinances and Master Plan principles, which he will put to work on the Borough Council. Paul currently works in the field of cyber security at Aon Cyber, and has forensic accounting experience from KPMG and Deloitte & Touche. An Eagle Scout, Paul and his wife have two children in the Chatham schools and are members of Fish & Game.

On November 5, I encourage all Borough residents to continue Chatham’s legacy of community-focused local government by electing Bob Weber Mayor, and Stacey McEvoy and Paul Kelley to the Borough Council.

Patti Page
Chair, Chatham Borough Republican Committee