To the Editor:

Hamilton and Felice are the clear choice in the Republican primary. The reasons are many. Both are qualified, both advocate for the residents of the Township, both are fiscal conservatives, and both want resident friendly and recipient friendly affordable housing done correctly, not in the current fashion, and are willing to work with the state and residents to find an amicable and working solution.

Too often the current mayor has dictated to residents, and only paid lip service to our concerns. Mike Kelly has ignored all calls to push back on current unaffordable and unworkable plans. Kelly advocated for building on unsuitable lots, allowed illegal trespassing on residents' private property and theft from people's private property, hid plans on affordable housing and tried to slide through the building of a new municipal building and displacing our cherished senior center, only to get caught.

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Kelly also has endorsed depleting our surplus budget along with a massive tax increase, putting our AAA bond rating in jeopardy and mortgaging our future to the max.

Hamilton and Felice have stood in strong and vocal opposition to all of that. These are the reasons Kelly must go. These are also the reasons Felice and Hamilton must be elected to replace him.

In order to have a resident-friendly government, sound principled and well-thought-out government, and government that respects the taxpaying public we must vote for and elect Hamilton and Felice. Hamilton and Felice will restore the public's faith in our townships governing body, a call that is so desperately needed. We cannot afford to go on the way we are. Hamilton and Felice will stand with us, work for us, and include us.

These things have been missing under Kelly's reign of dictatorship. He must go, and Hamilton and Felice are the right people, at the right time to fill the two seats on the committee that we the voters are now asked to fill.

Don't be fooled by empty faces of concern by Kelly, or his fake and insincere promises. He sells the public half-truths to attempt to hide the incompetency he protects. He then plays on the fears of a builder take-over of our town and smears anyone who opposes his twisted and hidden agenda. Do away with the Kelly cronyism, remember he has stacked our boards and had any opposition to his plans forcefully recused. He has been on the committee for six years and look at the mess he has gotten us into by hiding his ill-fated affordable housing plans. The time for change is now.

VOTE FELICE AND HAMILTON IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY. To be truly represented we must elect them.

Regards and be safe. Keep your eye on the ball.

Daniel Miller

Green Village section of Chatham Township.