To the Editor:

Voting is important. It is a choice for our future. I am placing my trust in Stacey Ewald and Celeste Fondaco because they are proven leaders in our community and will put the best interests of community first.

Mark Hamilton has posted very divisive Republican rhetoric online. As he is running together with Rez Estevez, I can only assume that she supports this. We don't need this in Chatham. Our country is already divided enough. I'm looking for a reasonable and uniting voice. We need fiscally conservative and socially progressive folks. Stacey Ewald and Celeste Fondaco are exactly that.

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We need new blood and new ideas. Why can't we have reliable power, why aren't roads being paved, why can't they figure out how to work with the power company and not cut all of our trees down? Why did we lose public access to walking trails at Dixiedale? Why will our taxes go up because no one was looking at our debt payments? Is hands off government just a code word for we'll punt everything and hope no one notices? We have no services except recycling, which they have floated the idea of residents paying for more than once.

Mark and Rez talk about continuing this "conservative stewardship." No thanks. I will vote for people who have already shown that they can work with others, raise money to reduce taxes, help people, want to engage residents and not rage against them because they don't fit with their far-right ideology.

On November 5th, I will be voting for Stacey and Celeste because Chatham doesn't need divisiveness and extremism but moderation, sensibility and responsibility.

Ray Greeve
Buxton Rd
Chatham, NJ 07928