NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Untied Brewing Company opens their doors of their brewery and tasting room to the public on Saturday, Jan. 26 at 12 noon. 

Through meticulous planning with world and national award-winning craft brewers, Tim Stumpf – Head Brewer and Scott Morrison – Gravity Ales Owner & Consultant , Untied has spared no expense in making Untied the best it can be from the very start. Their 24 taps will serve a variety of brews including the hometown Pioneer Ale and Mayor Al Morgan's Stout.

"The intent is to have something for everyone," said Head Brewer Tim Stumpf. "Some like the hoppy beers -- we will have multiple IPA options. We will also have many non hoppy beers, a variety of lighter and darker ones." -- "We should get close to filling all 24 faucets by January 26th, with the addition of non-alcoholic beverages to come in the near future -- some sodas and nitro cold brew coffee, as well," he said.  

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Matt Green, Owner and Local New Providence resident, explained that breweries differentiate themselves by the process and location of where you brew and the art and talent of the team brewing. "It used to be the ingredients that made the difference in the quality of the beer, but now people can get the same ingredients with small exceptions," he said. "It is more about the process with the equipment you are using and even more importantly the best products come for the best brewer’s -- the brewer’s technique really makes the beer stand out in terms of quality and difference now." -- "We spent a lot of time and research to make sure we would have the right equipment and processes and a very talented and distinguished Brewer; this is why we brought on Tim as Untied’s Head Brewer - his 20 years brewing experience combined with his unique talent and the equipment and processes in place makes the difference in the quality of the beer these days. We hope our customers visiting our taproom and enjoying our products at home or in restaurants enjoy all we have to offer."

The 7,800 square foot space of Untied's Spring Street facility in New Providence includes the brewery, tasting room, small office space, as well as a storage area. The space also includes a small retail area for merchandise sales. The tasting room has the capacity for 150 people with three lounge areas, two big community tables and modular restaurant style seating areas. There is a walk up bar, where flights and pours of varying sizes will be served, enabling customers to explore new varieties of beers in small pours, and thoroughly enjoy their favorites via larger pours. 

"Our vibe will be different from the more traditional breweries we've visted," said Kim Green, who owns the brewery with her husband Matt and cousin Mark Russo. "Our design is a bit more modern, a bit more NYC in the suburbs; we aren’t rustic, we aren’t hipster, we tried to give Untied a unique and modern feel in the taproom that's unique to us and comfortable for all -- we hope people are happily surprised by the experience we've built for them to enjoy. We will have a wide variety of beers crafted by an awesome brewer, that can be enjoyed in a very inviting space."  What started as a hobby in their kitchen, has turned into something beyond their expectations.

When asked what will be Untied Brewing Company's staple product, Kim Green said, "The staple product is what the customers like best. There's never just one."

"I hope to have something for everybody," said Stumpf. "There are 24 taps out there -- I can’t name which one will be the special one. -- We would steer the customer towards flights with four samples to help them find their favorites -- but there is potential to have five through 8 samples, as well," he said.

Having 24 options will differentiate us, and that’s why we are doing that, said Matt Green. "Beer is becoming a personal thing like wine -- people have preferences," said Kim Green.

The inaugural batches are currently brewing this month, including, Kölsch (a light German beer). "It's a golden ale, fairly simple, said Stumpf. "If someone came in and didn’t know what they were walking into -- and they asked for a Budweiser or a Miller, this is the product to start with."

Craft brewers that come to see us and know what a brewery is and know what to expect from us -- they will go to our IPAs, said Stumpf. "These are the beers that are accented by the hops. We will have a couple of versions of these, we should be able to open with four of the beers being different IPAs," said Stumpf.

"We will have an East Coast IPA and a West Coast IPA, a Double IPA, etc," he said. He further explained, the IPA is an English beer, and usually heavily hopped but has some malt character to it and an amber color. Recently, the west coast brewers started to make them as pale as possible and make them sort of thin and light by adding sugar and not just barley to make them so they are 100 percent hop accented with no noticeable malt character at all. It is all preference, said Stumpf.

Expect to see the newest trade in the IPAs, in particular with the New England IPAs, he said. "It started with a beer called Heady Topper," by the Alchemist Brewery out of Stowe, VT. "They were putting out a beer that was so hazy that it looks like a milk shake. -- It caught on. -- When beers look like that, the beers are very fresh." He added, "When you get those beers so fresh, they are very flavorful too. Between the light beer and this beer, these will most likely become our most popular beer."

Stumpf said, Untied Brewing Company will also make a "super strong IPA" that will be intense in the flavor with around 8.5 percent alcohol content. [Normal IPAs are about six to seven percent alcohol content.] Untied Brewing Company will also serve a special French style beer called Bière de Garde, a strong pale ale. "It will be delicious when it is ready," said Stumpf.

When you visit the brewery, ask Tim for the tour and you will get an education behind the brewing process -- from selecting the grains and ingredients, adding the hops -- to purchasing the living organisms for the production of yeast. Stumpf exudes enthusiasm for the process he has mastered over the past two decades. You may even receive a chemistry lesson of the mineral composition of New Providence water and why it is the perfect ingredient to Untied's magical tasting brew.

For updates on Untied Brewing Company, follow the brewery's active social media outlets.

Untied Brewing Company is located at 140 Spring Street, Unic C, in New Providence.

About Untied Brewing Company

We are  UNTIED from traditional beers, we are creative and experimental, will have something for everyone, and will be trying new and unique approaches to craft beers. Our Taproom is  UNTIED, a modern casual experience where our guests are UNTIED from work and the daily grind and can enjoy our brews with family, friends, colleagues....relax, have fun, be happy!  We are UNTIED from traditional corporate cultures, we are a unique and fun experience for our employees and guests.

Uncommon. Unexpected. Unmatched.  

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