School District of the Chathams Supervisor Danielle Dagounis along with Design and Technology teachers Jessica Liatys, Kyle Kermick,  Jason Mariano, and Julia Ryan are collaborating with teachers in Livingston and Madison to print filtration masks and shields for front line healthcare professionals.

The team has re-purposed the 3D printers they use in their classrooms to produce much-needed personal protective equipment for public health and safety professionals.  These teachers and administrators are addressing this public health need while continuing to design and deliver remote instruction to their students. 

The team is printing masks that have filter locations for cotton pads that can be changed regularly by opening the front piece, removing the filter, adding a new one and snapping the front piece closed.  Collaborating with the Livingston and Madison School Districts with input from local hospitals, they have gone through an iterative process to produce a design that provides a good seal, is comfortable to wear and has removable filtration pads that can be changed out as often as needed.

Over 40 masks have been printed to date and the team is printing as many as possible through the weekend. The masks are currently being donated to Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark (part of RWJ Barnabas).  The team is also printing face shields, producing over 60 shields to date with six 3D printers running around the clock. Shields have been delivered to Jersey City Police Department, Hanover Fire Department and to St. Claire’s. Shield making efforts will ramp up over the weekend and into early next week as more supplies are received.