BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – Local school districts, including Chatham, Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Mountainside and Summit, are among the school districts which will benefit from the 2020 fiscal state budget presented last week by Gov. Phil Murphy.

Each of those districts will receive at least 10 percent more aid than last year, but it all goes to Special Education Categorical Aid.

The School District of the Chathams will receive $2,999,890 in K-12 Aid, an increase of 309,073 or 11.49 percent.

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Berkeley Heights will receive $1,728,031 in total K-12 Aid, which represents an increase of $164,265 or 10.5 percent.

New Providence will receive $1,609,620 in K-12 Aid, an increase of $165,505 or 11.38 percent.

Mountainside will receive $841,306 in total aid, an increase of $78,135 or 10.24 percent.

Summit will receive $2,567,656 in K-12 Aid, an increase of $252,592 or 10.91 percent. They are among about 370 districts in the state to receive increased aid, and can count themselves lucky to be among the 100 districts in the state to receive more than 10 percent increases. About 200 districts will not be receiving increases at all.

All the 2019-2020 State Aid Summaries can be found here.  State aid data is available by county, school districts and to preschool education aid school districts. The districts named above are not preschool education aid districts.

To see the 2017-2018, 2018-2019 proposed aid and 2018-2019 Revised aid figures for all the districts, click here. 

The figures released last week are proposed and can be revised up or down, depending upon what happens to the budget when it reaches the legislature. Last year, these same school districts received more state aid than originally proposed in the Governor’s Budget Message.