To the Editor: 

Don't be fooled by Kelly and Ness, or the two new committee members coming in.

Kelly and his orchestrated political moves have shown that he and Ness have consistently paid lip service on this major issue of affordable housing. Just look  at how Kelly and Ness hid the fact of wanting a new municipal facility, and planned out how to get it.

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Amazing how all major maintenance ceased on the current municipal building the day the school board announced the plan to construct their new facility on the taxpayer dime. The plan was in the works that day. Don't let them fool you or lie to you any more than they already have. Max-the-tax Ness, and Kelly will take offense, but the facts support the reality, not their false claims of giving a damn about you, your neighborhoods, or your tax dollar. They will hide the desire for a new municipal complex under the guise of affordable housing, but the bottom line is they will raise your taxes exponentially in order to have a new complex with a bronze plaque containing their names for posterity.

Thank goodness that the citizenry has risen up. But, to trust anything Kelly, Ness, or the two incoming members may be telling us would be short-sighted. These are the same committee members that have hidden their agenda from us all already. Their concern for the public certainly is suspect given the record.

So, to those so adamant that a change can occur, acceptable and fiscally responsible, proceed with the knowledge that Mike Kelly and Tracy Ness were already the ones who tried to slip this whole fiasco by without your knowledge, and they have both hand-picked the incoming committee people. Trust is certainly not something they have earned or deserve. And now since they hid it all for so long, the court is going to reward Kelly and Ness with what they wanted all along. No extension gives them what they wanted, the public gets hosed, and the citizens get the bill. All for a bronze plaque with their names on it.

Dan Miller
Green Village section
Chatham Township