To the Editor:

To all township taxpayers and residents,

When the original and thankfully REJECTED plan to tear down the municipal building and replace it with Fair Housing units, the specter of having to build a new Police Station or face a requirement to modify the present Police Station was raised by Mayor Kelly.

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Township residents and taxpayers should be aware of the following facts which Mayor Kelly has chosen not to tell you.

1- The Township IS NOT required to add a secured car/vehicle drop off area to the present police station site.

2- Were the police station to be rebuilt or substantially altered, it "might" be a requirement.

3- There is no imperative to make any additions. The State will not prohibit us from using the present police station which already has holding cells for suspected criminals.

No mention was made if Kelly ever contacted other towns or possibly the county who have such facilities to see if we might work out a plan with them.

Kelly offered no realistic time estimate to replace the police station were it to be moved or rebuilt or did he offer any cost realistic estimates for it to be rebuilt or relocated, or the cost for a secured drop off area built.

And finally, when Kelly and Ness tried to ram through the plan to demolish and give away our municipal building to developers to put upwards of 60 to 74 Fair Housing units in the Meyersville Road residential area, one of the "compelling" reasons were that the windows, roofing, and heating/cooling systems were failing and the building was essentially falling apart AND too costly to repair.

Sheer rubbish!

Both local residents and businessmen, Mike Oien and Jim Damato produced realistic estimates as to the expected costs to make these repairs and upgrades, which blew the Kelly's "estimated costs" to smithereens. One might ask, if by so overstating or inflating the repair costs, was it an intentional effort by Kelly to promote his idiotic plan to sell town hall and relocate the municipal building to another - yet unnamed location?.

Now almost 5 months following the rejection by the residents of his abortive plan, what have Kelly and Ness done to make repairs to our municipal building?

It is important in going ahead, when judging any future plans Kelly and Ness propose, that neither of them has the slightest business sense when it comes to estimating building or property acquisition costs.

As Dan Miller has pointed out in a number of "posts" that after Kelly's 5 1/2 year stint on the Township Committee, he has accomplished nothing but bring turmoil, contention and unrest to our Township. Remember this obfuscation when Kelly comes up with any cost proposal or estimate. Kelly never had to meet a payroll and the newspaper he edited, tanked.  Ask Kelly what steps he took in the 5 years he was on the Committee, to meet our Fair Housing obligations.  Every time this question comes up, Kelly "blames" prior Committees!

He has to be defeated in the upcoming primary election if Township residents want to return responsible, capable governance to our Town.

Bailey Brower, Jr.  

Lifelong Twp. resident, local businessman, past Mayor, and 4-term Committeeman. I served for over 28 years on the Planning Bd, Zoning Bd., and Bd. of Health as well as Twp. liaison to the Historical Society and Senior Citizen Board.