To the Editor:

Watching the September 12th Chatham Township Committee meeting, I witnessed a moment which could not have been more embarrassing. The actions of Maureen Kelly, Environmental Commission member, and wife of Deputy Mayor Michael Kelly could not have been more disrespectful, let alone unbecoming of a Commission member.

If one watches the latter portion of the meeting, as Committee Member Karen
Swartz addressed the plastic bag ban potential ordinance, Mrs. Kelly stood with her back turned to Committeewoman Swartz, smirking and giggling like a
schoolgirl with the two current Democrat candidates, along with some other
Environmental Commission members. This was all because Committeewoman Swartz has an opposing view on the ordinance. Elected by the public numerous times, MRS. SWARTZ IS CORRECT IN OFFERING A VIEW REPRESENTING HER CONSTITUENTS.

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The disrespect by Mrs. Kelly was not only offensive towards a sitting
Committeewoman, but also a poor representation of a member of a board, let
alone an embarrassment to herself and the Township in general. Mrs. Kelly shows the exact farce she and her liberal Democrat friends Ms. Ewald and Ms. Fondaco, try to portray as themselves, as persons of inclusion. Disagree with them and you are disrespected, shunned, and not even to be listened to.

This certainly isn’t the type of representative government we want or need in
Chatham Township and I hope we all remember this when liberal Democrats
Ewald and Fondaco try to tell you that they will act differently than their front and center supporter Maureen Kelly.

I have been involved in Township government in various capacities for many
years, and have been a vocal member of the public. I have not always been on the popular side of all the issues; I have always spoken my mind but never been personally disrespectful to a Committeewoman with an opposing view. Currently, I am on the Environmental Commission, and could not be more appalled by Mrs. Kelly’s behavior, her disrespect of another woman, and elected official. We should all be embarrassed that any representative of our town acts in this fashion, and remember in November not to vote for her cohorts Ewald and Fondaco, who will surely reappoint Kelly, as well as other board members who are like-minded and will surely feel emboldened to act in the same ridiculous, childish and unbecoming way.

A public apology is certainly in order from Mrs. Kelly to Committeewoman Swartz, Chatham Township in general, as well as the Environmental Commission.

Daniel Miller
Green Village section of Chatham Township