CHATHAM, NJ - Many are touched by the tragedy of suicide and Chatham Borough Council member Thad Kobylarz told his personal story on Monday night when the council passed a resolution in support of the fourth annual "Out of the Darkness Walk" set for 4:30 p.m. Sept. 21 at Cougar Field.

"From the data, it is painfully clear that suicide in the United States today constitutes a national health crisis," Kobylarz said. "Furthermore, suicide victims leave behind countless family and friends who are left behind, forced to navigate the immense tragedy in such loss. I know this very well from personal experience. My best friend in college took his life in his senior year. He was a Columbia University undergrad with seemingly everything to live for. I've never gotten over his loss and never will." 

Chatham resident Valerie Olpp knows from personal experience that progress has been made over the years with money raised for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention