To the Editor:

It is once again shocking the levels this Township Committee will go to during a pandemic to push through their contested affordable housing proposal on River Road.  Despite a pending dispute over this location, the Township Committee authorized its survey company to enter my property on Huron Drive without permission to attempt to survey the River Road property to forward its ecologically disastrous affordable housing plan.

During a pandemic, the Committee decided to put my family's life at risk. Multiple surveyors entered the property, and my neighbors, without permission. Two men with NO MASK AND NO GLOVES came through my neighbors' property and onto my property without any permission or notice.  My children and my dog were playing in their backyard when TWO STRANGE MEN WEARING NO MASKS CAME UPON THEM.  How dare Mayor Kelly preach about appropriate social distancing and then have strangers enter people's property without the protective measures and without permission or notice. 

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I had to once again threaten to call the police to get these surveyors off my property as they create an extreme risk to my family. The surveyor admitted freely that he did not ask my neighbor before walking the length of his property to try to access Lot #70 on River Road. They also admitted that because of the extreme steep slope of Lot #70 on River Road and heavy brush they couldn't properly survey the property.  Mayor Kelly's own experts admit they cannot access this property safely and that it is a heavily forested area. The kind of area that the Chatham Master Plan calls out for protection at all costs.

Mayor Kelly's surveyor felt the need to come back and knock on my door, after I threatened to call the police on them, and again came within 6 feet of me and acted confrontationally. He was raising his voice and respiratory droplets along with it. Mike Kelly, and the Township Committee, just put my family in jeopardy today and last week when they also sent surveyors -- again with NO MASKS and who walk on to your property with no permission.  I assure you that if me, or my family, become ill I will be the first to bring a gross negligence suit against this Town for exposure to a known deadly contagion.  And because I know none of the council members are attorneys I will tell them now that their liability cap doesn't prevent these types of litigations.

With kids now falling victim to this awful disease I cannot imagine how this Committee thinks this is appropriate to do.  We are still under a State of Emergency and the Town's Affordable Housing deadlines have all been pushed out till July and August. Just because they feel confident to lie to the public they cannot lie to me.  I read the new Court deadlines the Committee has plenty of time to find a suitable alternative.  It is not the Court nor Fair Share Housing pushing this -- its Mayor Kelly, Deputy Mayor Ness and the rest of the Committee.

I will continue to fight the Committee at the Planning Board; however, Mayor Kelly and cronies heed my warning on this -- do not send surveyors or other agents on my property, or my neighbors property again.  You have already exposed my family to danger and if you do so again I will make sure the next litigation names all of you personally.  Your public office does not shield you from absolute protection when you are risking your constituents' lives. 

And you best all pray my family does not get sick from this encounter.  Because it will be on your heads and your pocketbooks.  We go absolutely nowhere and interact with no one in order to protect my son who has a compromised immune system.  And for you all to do this today was beyond gross negligence -- it borders on reckless indifference to human life.  

Get ready for a fight. 

Heather Foran Yee

Chatham Township