CHATHAM, NJ - A tree branch fell on a Chatham mother and her 6-month-old baby while walking with a stroller on Lincoln Avenue early Friday afternoon, according to eyewitnesses and Chatham Borough Police Chief Brian Gibbons.

Both the mother, Harpreet Singh, and the baby were transported to Morristown Medical Center by the Chatham Emergency Squad.

Caitlin Barry, 17, of Orchard Road was walking her dog when the incident occurred. She said the branch hit the power wire and then fell on the mother first and rolled onto the baby. Barry ran over and lifted the branch off the baby sitting in the stroller (see the video below).

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"I heard it and I saw it fall," Barry said. "It the power lines first, and then it hit her and then it like rolled onto the baby. I ran over and took the branch off of the baby, he was sitting in the carriage. Then more people came.

"I don't think (the baby was seriously hurt). I think she took all the impact from the branch. I just saw the branch falling. It was weird because it's not that windy out. I think it just broke and fell. It's crazy. You would never think that would happen."

According to Chief Gibbons, a 46-year-old woman and her six-month-old child were walking back from church and up Lincoln Avenue toward Orchard Road when the branch fell.

"The tree branch fell down and struck mom and the carriage - both suffered injuries," Gibbons said. "Mom's injuries appeared serious. We're unaware of the child's injuries. Both were alert and conscious. The mom had serious injuries (her arm) but not life-threatening. The son was alert and conscious."

Neighbor Ann Marie McGinley was in her kitchen when she heard the tree fall and the lights went out in her home.

"We heard the cracking sound and the boom," McGinley said. "We heard the mother screaming 'My baby, my baby'. The mother is a doctor and she said right away my humerus is broken. The girl (Barry) ran over and lifted the branch off the baby."