CHATHAM, NJ - Chatham is one of the first towns in Morris County to connect with the county law enforcement's APP - RSVP-3, which will allow residents to report any potential violent threat, it was announced Monday at the regular meeting of the Board of Education.

Chatham Superintendent Michael LaSusa said that the RSVP-3 APP is now available to Chatham residents and students. The acronym stands for Responsible School Violence (RSV) - Prevention, Preparation, Protection (P-3).

"The idea is that when this APP is advertised and people have it available to them if they have a concern about a potential violent act of any kind, they can report it via this APP,"  LaSusa said. "The information goes immediately to the police. The police will vet it immediately even if it's 2:30 in the morning on a Wednesday night. If they have to take emergent action right then, they will."

Chatham Superintendent Michael LaSusa explains how Morris County's RSVP-3 APP works