Chatham's girls' fencing team bested Morristown on January 9th with a 19-8 score. The following week they took their first conference loss of the season against the Morris Hills girls with a 15-12 score. They got back into form on Tuesday the 21st against Mendham.

Round one score: Chatham 7, Mendham 2 (Sabres 3-0, Foils 1-2, Epees 3-0)
Sabres Kat Xikes, Nylah Haq, and Sara Fidler opened with a squad sweep. Senior Amy Zheng added a 5-0 foil win. Mendham tipped two close foil bouts in their favor. Epees Dorothy Zhang, Elysa Jordan, and Amudha Krishnan added another squad sweep to the tally for a 7-2 round one total.

Round two score: Chatham 6, Mendham 3 (Sabres 2-1, Foils 2-1, Epees 2-1)
Haq opened round two with a 5-0 win. Fidler, down early, had a strong comeback but fell to the Mendham B-strip. Xikes added a 5-1 for sabres. Foil Zheng added a 5-0 win. Junior Aree Kim fought up to her second tied bout of the evening which tipped for Mendham. Foil Sonia Julius added another 5-0 win. Epee Jordan had a tied bout that tipped for the Mendham A-strip. Krishnan added a 5-2 win. Zhang-DZ also got into a tied bout which she reeled in at 5-4.
Running Score: Chatham 13, Mendham 5

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Round three score: Chatham 8, Mendham 1 (Sabres 3-0, Foils 2-1, Epees 3-0) Final Score 21-6
Sabre Fidler pulled in a 5-1. Cynthia Zhang subbed in for round three with an exciting tied bout and a 5-4 win. New Sophomore Zaina Qureshi got her first shot at the varsity strip and fought hard to a tied bout that tipped for Mendham. Zheng and Julius added foil wins of 5-1 and 5-0 respectively. Krishnan won her third epee bout of the night. The epees subbed in Senior Annesha Ghosh and Freshmen Anushka Jois for a pair of wins to wrap up the meet.

Haq, Zhang-C, Zheng, Julius, Zhang-D, Krishanan, Ghosh, and Jois went undefeated for the night. Xikes also went undefeated for the night and thus far this season.

Girls vs Mendham = WIN [NJAC 4-1]
Final Score  21-6 (Sabre 8-1, Foil 5-4, Epee 8-1)
Referee: George LaTorre

Chatham will travel to Randolph on Friday the 24th to meet the undefeated Rams. Randolph and Morris Hills are the only remaining undefeated girls' teams in the conference.