The CHS Paddle team hosted Mount St. Dominic's Academy on Monday at Fairmount Country Club. Paddle is typically best played in cold weather and with the warm weather upon us, the teams had to adapt to a fast pace and ball with a tremendous amount of bounce.  The match landed in CHS's favor 6-2 with the following results:
Peyton McGarry and Aerin Zucci v. Tory Schmey and Emma Buono, 8-3
Bridget Eveleth and Sam Greenwood v. Ava Pizano and Emma Haladik, 4-8
Kelsea Lee and Laney Kressler v. Maddy Sullivan and Caila Przyhock, 8-2
Teddy Grogan and Skate Lapus v. Elizabeth Priolek and Elizabeth Conti, 8-2
Quinn Bogue and Addison Hill v. Lea Przyhocki and Ceceila McKeirnan, 8-4
Emma Goodheart and Sydney Berkson v. Tess McKeirnan and Brooke Maddius, 8-5
Kate McManus and Maddy Peckham v. Tori Schmey and Maddy Sullivan, 6-8
Grace Kneebone and Maddie Brashear v. Emma Buono and Elizabeth Conti, 8-4