As a registered Democrat and someone who is observing the race between Mayor Charles Lombardo and Councilwoman Sara Todisco, I have to say – too little, too late. Lombardo's team promotes him as a "behind the scenes" Mayor as written by his running mate Jennyfer Guerrero as recently as her latest letter to the editor I saw online. However, what has he really done in the past 3 1/2 years? I don't hear them sharing much of his record, other than revitalizing the Historical Committee, which by the way, he made Councilwoman Todisco the first ever liaison of after they won together back in the 2014 election.

"It looks to me, that he too, recognizes "behind the scenes" is not good enough."

I noticed he joined Facebook the day after the "Democrats for Garwood" slate of Todisco, Ince, and Benoit was announced back in March. I also noticed he joined the Mayors Against Illegal Guns advocacy group after a contested primary became clear, even though the organization was started in 2006. Only days ago, he had the Garwood Police Department post a letter from him to residents about the remediation and demolition work at South Avenue on their Facebook Page. However, he wasn't visible on social media or elsewhere when half of the homes in Garwood lost power during a bad snowstorm this winter, including when some homes on Center Street lost power for almost a week.
It looks to me, that he too, recognizes "behind the scenes" is not good enough.
Additionally, I watched Mayor Lombardo read a prepared statement at the last Council meeting accusing residents of creating "doomsday scenarios" because they raised questions about the environmental cleanup at the Casale/Petro properties. Then, I read last week's Leader to see his running mate, Vincent Kearney, use the same "doomsday" term to describe another matter in his letter. There's something wrong when that is their campaign buzzword.
I will be proudly voting for Sara Todisco, Michael Ince, and Sean Benoit on Column D on June 5 for many reasons. They are not limited to the following, but here are some I would like to share. First of all, "doomsday" isn't in the message of the Todisco-Ince-Benoit team because they have optimism about the future and do not believe in dismissing or diminishing resident questions and concerns. Also, I do not want a "behind the scenes" Mayor as Garwood faces major redevelopment and will very likely face new challenges in the next four years. I want a Mayor with the determination and the ability to get things done and stay on top of and ahead of the issues. That person is Sara Todisco. I see Sara at nearly every community event, follow her on Facebook for frequent updates about the town, and watch her provide valuable insights at Council meetings. I hope others will join me in voting Column D on June 5.

Jonathan O'Hea 
Garwood Resident