CLARK, NJ - The Clark Board of Education started their Tuesday meeting by highlighting Arthur L. Johnson’s 2018 Valedictorian George Visconti and Salutatorian Gregory Zukowski.

“I’ve had the honor of having the same students at the middle school four years ago,” said ALJ Principal Jennifer Feeley.  “Their drive and their passion towards who they are has not ceased.”

Feeley went on to list the numerous honors and achievements both students have received during the school career including their successes in athletics and involvement in the community.

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Visconti is graduating with a 4.675 GPA.  He is enrolled at Swarthmore College where he will study engineering and play basketball.  Zukowski is graduating with a 4.638 GPA.  He is enrolled to study chemical engineering at Villanova University this fall.

Feeley also took a moment to discuss the role of the student board member.  According to Feeley, the student representative is selected in an effort to involve students in the education process.  They also “provide the board with information on students, their accomplishments, and input on relevant issues.”

The Board and Feeley praise outgoing student board member Saga Elsekhely.  “I want to thank you on behalf of the whole board for your year of service.  You are a very good public speaker and you really provide us with lots of information,” said Board President Jill Curran.  “We wish you the best of luck.”

“Saga has a resume that is just well rounded,” said Feeley.  “I know that regardless of what area she decides to study she will be successful.”

“Thank you so much for offering this opportunity to students,” said Elsekhely.  “[Thank you for] having students get outside the high school and be able to be in a setting like this.”

Feeley introduced new student board member Vincent Gennaro saying that he has big shoes to fill.  “In his own words from his resume to apply, ‘I wish to serve as the voice of the student body.’  He has embarked on a life of public service and volunteerism and looks forward to putting that knowledge to good use.”

“There’s no doubt in my mind that all [of these students] have a common thread… they are just well rounded students.  The best part is that they are phenomenal human beings,” said Feeley.