CLARK, NJ - The Arthur L. Johnson High School Science Olympiad Team competed against 24 different teams from schools across New Jersey at the Union County College Tournament. For four months, the team led by ALJ teachers Anna Radcliffe, Suzanne Nagourney, and Tien-Nye Vaccari, prepared to use knowledge in multiple events involving science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Specific events included Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, Chemistry Lab, Disease Detectives, Fermi Questions, Forensics, Microbe Mission, Mousetrap Vehicle, Optics, Picture This, Protein Modeling, Rocks and Minerals, and Write it, Do it.

“The teams were happy to compete.  This year, we had our best result from the Mousetrap Vehicle, Forensics, and Picture This teams.  Our teams gave it their all and were excited to share their experience when returning from their events,” said Radcliffe.

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Andre Resendiz, Yahiree Yoplac and Jenna Lipari Pazienza experienced the Science Olympiad competition for the first time.  Resendiz and Yoplac competed in the Rocks and Minerals and the Microbe Mission events.  Lipari Pazienza competed in the Write It, Do It event with Ema E. Santo and Disease Detectives with Dylan Mekovetz.

Cody Downing and Norberto Diaz competed in Anatomy and Physiology, where the duo put their knowledge of human biology to the test.  Then, they participated in the Mousetrap Vehicle event, where the two enthusiasts demonstrated their knowledge of physics and mechanics through their building skills.

Dana Evelina and Diaz participated in the Fermi Questions, where they demonstrated their knowledge of estimation and scientific notation. 

Evelina and Resendiz also competed in Picture This. Each student took turns drawing a picture while the other person guessed what it was

Downing and Willian Shaughnessy competed in the Chemistry Lab. The group was complemented by judges for their performance.

“The skills students learned by participating in these events can be applied throughout the rest of their lives,” said Radcliffe.