CLARK, NJ - This week the Arthur L. Johnson High School girls varsity gymnastics team took a trip across the street to the Clark Pre-School Annex for a gymnastics demonstration. John Mongiello, the physical education teacher at the pre-school, is teaching gymnastics to his students this week.

Gymnastics Coach Brianna Ferdinandi, who also works at the pre-school as a para-professional, suggested bringing her team in for a short assembly to reinforce Mongiello's lessons and get the youngsters of Clark excited about gymnastics.

"There's no activity a young child can participate in better than gymnastics to gain strength and master their basic locomotor skill," said Mongiello.

"It was great to have my team come over and put on a show for the pre-schoolers," Ferdinandi said. "It helps our youth get excited about an awesome sport and it is great to have my team be positive role-models to the youth in our community. All-in-all it was a great experience for everyone involved."