All Ages Of Geek's Effort and Events to Help Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

All Ages of Geek, LLC. a production service focused on geek culture media based in Union County, NJ recently announced their Multimedia Production Services for Small and Local NJ Businesses impacted by COVID-19. 

[Union County, New Jersey] on June 29th, 2020 - All Ages of Geek, LLC produced a "Tour and Interview" with The Book Trader at 73 Westfield Ave, Clark, NJ. The video was released on July 7th, 2020 to help promote and distribute news about the "Reopening" of The Book Trader. This production service has also been used for conventions, expos and geek culture events alike. An example is All Ages of Geek, LLC's work with Fanfaire NYC, a Pop Culture Art Festival hosted by the High School of Art & Design at 245 East 56th Street, New York, NY.

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Katya Stec, President of All Ages of Geek, LLC. and Tatiana Stec, Co-Founder, residents of Clark, NJ also announced that this service will include "a full independent service with filming and coverage of your shop or event, post-production and social media distribution on all of our channels that total to more than 100K followers." This "distribution" will become part of All Ages of Geek, LLC's webisodic Show Line-Up titled "On the Road with All Ages of Geek" and also provided for local businesses to use for their own websites and promotional marketing assets. 

Included with their "Tour and Interview" productions, All Ages of Geek, LLC, has a subscription service titled INSTANT GEEK which gives subscribers to the platform access to exclusive content and events. To assist with businesses impacted by COVID-19 All Ages of Geek, LLC. will be opening up promotion, ad spots and product placement during these 5 Hour events every Thursday night. These events are recorded and also distributed titled "The Instant Geek Podcast". 

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All Ages of Geek, LLC. is a production, entertainment and streaming service with a focus on geek culture, producing content for kids to adults. We produce webisodic entertainment from original video series, talk shows, on the go interviews, podcasts and cover geek culture topics such as Dungeons and Dragons, video games, anime, comics, cosplay and more. Our interactive approach includes a subscription service called INSTANT GEEK which includes a number of weekly, live voice chat events with our audience. This service includes Early Access and Behind the Scenes to original video series and gives subscribers special access to beta projects.  We also provide production services for convention coverage, event filming, advertisement production and all forms of multimedia. Our mission is to “unite the geeks of all ages”!

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