CLARK, NJ - Amidst the excitement of the upcoming holiday break, students and faculty brought the heat at last Tuesday’s pep rally at Arthur L. Johnson High School.  It was the second rally of the year. Throughout the event, cheers of support and pride were expressed towards the Track and Field, Basketball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Swimming and Hockey teams.

Each team’s captain was called down to the floor individually. The captains then called out the rest of their teammates, and all joined in a huddle at the center of the gym.

All of the athletes thoroughly enjoy going down to the floor to be cheered on by their peers. One athlete in particular, swim captain Lou Cacchione, was very excited to play a major role for his team in the rally.

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“Being a first year captain, I was nervous to go down on the floor and promote my team in a fun, positive way. But as I started calling down my teammates, I was able to calm down and just have a great time with it," he said. 

The team coaches also enjoyed watching their team members be themselves and have a good time during the event. Track and Field coach Chris Marcin was particularly fascinated by the students during the course of the rally.

“It’s really cool the way these pep rallies work,” Marcin said. “When you’re out there coaching these kids, you don’t realize how many of them there actually are participating and giving it their all. During the rallies though, it’s awesome to observe all the athletes, and the love and passion they possess both with their sports and with each other.”

Editor's Note: Anthony Filiciello is an ALJ student and a member of the TAP team at ALJ.