Quattrocchi Predicts Incumbents Will Vote YES

The “Clean Stormwater and Flood Reduction Act” was signed into law by the governor in March of this year in order to raise funds for the state’s stormwater infrastructure. At that time towns and counties in NJ were awarded the power to create an authority whose sole purpose would be to calculate fees based on the total impervious surfaces on real property, both residential and business that mostly would be kicked back to Trenton.

General Assembly Candidate for District 22, Patricia Quattrocchi says “It seems to me that homeowners should think long and hard before putting a concrete patio in their yard or paving the driveway leading to the old homestead.” Quattrocchi went on to explain that the fee would be in addition to the regular property tax bill and sewer bill. “NJ residents will be paying a fee for the pleasure of having a roof over their heads.” Note: Roofing material creates an impervious surface.

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“What candidate in their right mind would create an additional taxing organization in their town mere weeks before Election Day?” Quattrocchi went on to speculate that after the elections “we will start to see towns getting on the band wagon. And if the Democrats continue to hold the majority in the assembly I believe that implementing this “Rain Tax” will become mandatory sometime in 2020.”

“Even after reading the law one has to wonder if a county takes the option to create an authority and ones town does as well would the property owner be charged a fee by both entities” she pondered.

“Just as the incumbents did in January 2019 by voting yes on this travesty of a law Carter and Kennedy will also vote yes when the bill is amended”, Quattrocchi predicted.

Candidate Patricia Quattrocchi has signed a pledge that she will not vote yes for any measure that would raise residents taxes.