Dr. Wm. Robinson Museum 
593 Madison Hill Road, Clark


Date:  Sunday, May 21, 2017
Time:  12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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Free Admission - On street parking - ADA accessible 
Gift shop - Free guided tours
Visit website for more event information - www.DrRobinsonMuseum.org

Guest speaker is Mr. Lelinho, a member of the NJ Beekeepers Association and owner of Hilltop Honey, who will be bringing his “Honeybee City” to the museum to show how honeybees live and work. His city is a living hive, safely enclosed in glass, with 4,000 female workers, some male drones and the Queen honeybee herself. Lelinho will have New Jersey honey available for purchase along with items made from bees wax.

This house was built in 1690 by Dr. William Robinson, a physician and surgeon that emigrated here from Scotland. In June of 1684 he first visited New East Jersey and then returned to Scotland to bring his family and others back with him. In early 1686 he returned with his wife and three children along with the other families he had signed up. The trip took six to eight weeks of sailing. In 1686 Dr. Robinson bought about 50 acres of land along the Rahway River and later that year he bought another 700 acres adjacent to this property. In 1693, at the time of his death an inventory was conducted of his possessions and can be read at the house today. The property is now only 100' x 400' and is one of the few examples of 17th century architecture remaining in the United States. The house is registered as a historic site by the State and Federal Governments.