I am running for Councilman at Large because Clark is my home and I want to be involved in shaping its future. As a resident of Clark, I want to be a part of making our community an even better place to live. I'm committed, resourceful and, if elected as your Councilman at Large, I will never stop working for the people of this town.

I believe that a Town Council is here to serve the residents that elected them. They are elected to make good decisions that benefit Clark as a whole.  To make good decisions, you need difference of opinion. Good healthy debating of issues is what brings about good decisions for our residents. I haven’t seen that from our council and would like the chance to serve the residents of Clark and be that voice that offers a different opinion and brings about healthy debate.

The Mayor claimed at last year’s reorganization meeting (1/1/2015) that the council “is all HIS PEOPLE.”

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When a council is of one mind, as the current council is, then there is no opposite opinion to create healthy debate. Without healthy debate and hearing more than one side of an issue you cannot make good decisions. I’ve observed numerous town council meetings and the time that a solitary member disagreed with the rest of the council, they did not vote against anything, they just abstained. To me abstaining is saving face without going against the rest of the council. If a council member feels strong enough to abstain then I would expect them to state why they are against an issue and vote that way.

We grow and learn by listening to differing opinions. This Mayor and Council has been in place for a long time, and they have become complacent (defined as the feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements) There is no check and balance for the elected body. You will not see anyone have a different opinion than what they are told to have.

The hardworking taxpaying residents of Clark deserve to have elected officials that have a mind of their own, are willing to bring new ideas to the table and are willing to listen to the residents they serve.

Come out on Election Day (November 8th) and vote for Dario Valdivia for Mayor, Michelle Miller, Patrick Murphy and myself, Jerry Fogle, for Clark Council.

We will bring new ideas and make positive change.

Jerry Fogle


Candidate for Clark Council at Large