CLARK, NJ - To celebrate Spring, the Clark Preschool welcomed Farmer Chris from Quiver Farm in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania with a chick hatching project.  Farmer Chris arrived with a rooster named Jack and as one might guess, a hen named Jill.

Farmer Chris brought all the necessary equipment to take care of the eggs and chicks and explained the class' responsibilities.  The Farmer set up an incubator and gave a short presentation to the children  called, 'The Chief Egg Tender.'   The children learned how to care for the eggs for the rest of the week by checking the temperature, turning the eggs, and keeping the water trough full. 

After a final turn of  the eggs a few days after delivery to the school, extra water was added to the trough and left untouched for the weekend.  Within four days, the chicks started to hatch.  As they dried off the  baby chicks went into a brooder box to keep them warm and dry.  Once a few days old, the chicks were taken back to the farm. 

"Incubating and hatching chicken eggs is a hands-on learning experience.  We are all excited for the Quiver Farm project.  Farm education is fun.  Science, caring, compassion and responsibility all curled up in one egg," said Ed Grande, Superintendent of Clark Schools.