CLARK, NJ - The Clark Board of Education held a public meeting on Tuesday night in the Clark Council Chambers. This is the last meeting of the BOE before schools reopen next week.   Some of the highlights of the meeting include:

  • The Board approved the posting of job descriptions for two School Support Coordinators.  The goal of these positions as listed is “to assist with day to day duties and task, and needs as assigned.”  Both positions report to the Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent of Schools and offer a yearly stipend or either $9K or $6K depending on the position.
  • Superintendent Kenneth Knops introduced the following newly appointed district personnel:

                  Michelle Cervino - School Psychologist

                  Daniell Jannucci - Guidance Counselor for Carl H Kumpf Middle School

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                  Molly Cusick – Guidance Counselor for Arthur L Johnson

                  Sharon DeAngelis – Teacher for the Clark Preschool Annex

                  Rebecca Ann Fay – Maternity leave replacement at Frank K Hehnly School

  • Superintendent Knops also indicated that with these final personnel approvals by the BOE, all positions are filled for the start of the school year.
  •  The self-assessment scores of each of the four schools under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act were accepted into record.  Scores for each school out of a possible 78 total points were:

                  ALJ          71

                  CHK        66

                  FKH        61

                  VRS         61