CLARK, NJ – Mayor Sal Bonaccorso confirmed that the sign ordinance proposed at the last Town Council meeting is being reconsidered at this time.   Specifically, the mayor said, “The council and individuals have voiced concerns.  They made some good points; we are going to reexamine the ordinance.   We are in no major rush on this.”  He continued on to say that the ordinance, “was an idea we had to make sure that Clark doesn’t look honky-tonk.   We’re trying to make Clark better each and every day.”

The ordinance that was recently proposed would prohibit the use of window signs by businesses in town.  TAP into Clark published the story last week. The full story with a link to the ordinance  can be read here:

Small business owners and residents weighed in with their comments on the proposed ordinance on the TAP into Clark Facebook page.  One local resident even started an unofficial online poll for people to weigh in with their opinion.  

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Chris Halpin, owner of Sun Spot Tanning Studio when asked about the proposed ordinance said, “I am against anymore restrictions on signs in the town.”  Halpin went on to explain that there are already numerous ordinances about postings signs for businesses and after more than 30 years in business, could not understand why the town would need to add more. 

Halpin said she paid a fine for one sign several years ago when she hung a small banner.  Since that time, she has also received a warning with a threat of a thousand dollar fine for an additional sign she place closer to Raritan Road to draw attention to the spray tanning service she was offering in her shop tucked into the back of the Clarkton Shopping Center.     

The Mayor and the Town Council may begin discussing the ordinance as soon as Monday night’s Council Workshop meeting held at 7:30 p.m. in Room 30 of Town Hall at 430 Westfield Avenue.    February 17 is the next public Town Council meeting held in the Council Chambers at 315 Westfield Avenue at 7:30 p.m.   Both of these meetings are open to the public for those interested in following this issue further.