During the 2015-2016 school year, the 7th Grade Language Arts students in Carl H. Kumpf Middle School composed personalized “hero” stories for the kindergarteners of both Frank K. Hehnly School and Valley Road School.  

As a culmination of this project, the students of Mrs. Fabrizzio, Ms. Greenspan, and Ms. Hamilton took a brief trip to the two elementary schools, in June, to read their stories to their “kindergarten buddies.” 

The kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Belverio, Ms. Grigoli, Mrs. Mytrowitz, Mrs. Gathercole, and Mrs. Milevoi, helped to provide the seventh graders with some special details about each kindergartner so that the stories would be specific to each student. 

During their visits, the seventh graders each presented the personalized story to their kindergarten hero. Each middle school student read the story aloud and helped the kindergarten student to learn a new vocabulary word, which were called “wow words.” After hearing the stories of heroism, the kindergarten students created an illustration to correspond with their new story. The Kindergarten Hero project was incredibly successful and all students walked away with a story, an illustration, and a new buddy.