CLARK, NJ -  Although allowed in previous years, temporary parking along Westfield Avenue for pickup and drop-off of children to Clark's Summer Recreation Camp will no longer be permitted according to a letter issued to the public by Clark Police.   Parking is not legally permitted along Westfield Avenue between Raritan Road and Brant Avenue at anytime, however these rules have been relaxed during arrival and departure times for summer camp in past years.    

Citing safety concerns, the Clark Police have given public notice that tno -parking will be allowed on the roadway at anytime.   Motorist are required to park at Arthur L. Johnson High School or in other legal parking spaces on side streets and walk children to the camp.

Those bringing older children to camp may also choose to use the drop-off option at camp.  This can be done by entering the circle in front of the municipal building, driving through the parking lot and dropping campers off in front of the Recreation Center so they can walk into the grounds.

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Finally, for those parents, guardians and children with physical limitations that may be unable to walk the distance to camp from the high school, police will permit parking in the lot in front of town hall and the recreation building.   Police have indicated these spots are limited and are only for those with a special need.

According to the Clark Police the changes have been made to ensure public safety as too many families are entering and exiting cars into moving traffic.  Motorists parking or stopping on Westfield Avenue will be ticketed.  The entire letter as issued is here:

 June 25, 2018
Dear Parents:
 I am writing this letter to inform you of changes to the drop off and pick up procedures for the Clark Recreation Summer Camp which will be in place throughout the entire summer. 
 Most importantly, there will be absolutely no parking or stopping anywhere on Westfield Ave.  All of Westfield Ave. between Raritan Rd. and Brant Ave. is a, “No Parking Zone.” In previous years, these restrictions were relaxed to allow parents to park and drop off children for camp.  However, this created a dangerous situation where parents and children were exiting parked or stopped vehicles and crossing the street in close proximity to moving vehicles. For the first several weeks of camp, you will see additional signage on Westfield Ave. to remind you that curbside parking or stopping is not allowed.  These signs will direct you to use the Arthur L. Johnson Parking Lot. Any cars that are parked or stopped on Westfield Ave. will be issued a parking summons or a traffic summons, with no exceptions. 
 As you can no longer park or stop on Westfield Ave., you should park in the Arthur L. Johnson Parking Lot and cross Westfield Ave. at the crosswalk near the north side of Dawn Dr. when dropping off and picking up your camper(s).  A crossing guard has been hired and will be present at the crosswalk to assist you.  The guard will be there from 0830-0930 and from 1130-1230.  Alternatively, if you can find a legal parking space, you may park on Kenneth Place and utilize the crosswalk near the tennis courts to cross Westfield Ave.  A Clark Police Officer will be there to assist you from 0845-0915 and from 1145 until 1215.

-At drop off, if you plan to simply drop your camper(s) off, please simply pull into the Town Hall Parking Lot, let them off, and pull out of the parking lot.  At pick up, you must either park at the high school and walk up to Town Hall, or direct your camper(s) to meet you at the high school.
 We do recognize that sometimes grandparents are dropping off and picking up campers.  Anyone who would have trouble walking from the Arthur L. Johnson parking lot may utilize the parking lot at Town Hall.  Please keep in mind that the parking spots in the Town Hall Lot are limited and should only be used by those with a specific need. In other words, if you are able to, please park at the high school. There will be camp counselors in the lot at Town Hall to help with the flow of traffic.
 Finally, when crossing Westfield Ave. please model good safety practices for not only your children, but all campers, by only using the two aforementioned crosswalks to cross Westfield Ave. and following the directions of the Crossing Guards and Police Officers present.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and also for your anticipated cooperation.  If you have any other family members, friends or babysitters who will be picking up or dropping off your children, please share this information with them.
Have a great summer!
Det. Sgt. Christian Lott #229
Traffic Bureau Supervisor
Terminal Agency Coordinator
(W) 732-388-3434
(C)  732-215-8447