CLARK, NJ – Clark police are responding to recent events in New York City by heeding a safety alert issued on Sunday morning by New Jersey State PBA Executive Vice President Marc Kovar.  “The tragedy in New York City reinforce (sic) the need to always be cognizant of people targeting our profession. The best defense to avoid being ambushed is to remain vigilant and avoid complacency,” Kovar said in the statement.

“It could happen anywhere,” said Clark Police Chief Alan Scherb. “It could happen in a big city, in a small community, anywhere. We are on guard and being extra careful in our surroundings.”

New York City police officers Rafael Ramos, 40, and Wenjian Liu, 32 made the ultimate sacrifice when they were shot at point blank range as they sat in their police car.

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The Ramos and Liu families will now live on without their loved ones and other law enforcement families will continue to live in fear of a similar fate. 

With strong ties to the law enforcement community, Clark resident Shannon Tarentino expressed her thoughts in a recent Facebook post.

“I come from a family of law enforcement officers (local and federal) husband, my brother, 5 cousins, and an uncle....and today's incident causes me great concern... While their jobs have always been defined as "dangerous", this incident has changed the face of their job. I always worried....but now, I worry more than ever,” she wrote.