CLARK, NJ – The Clark Preschool “Lit It Up Blue” on Thursday, April 6, 2017 by wearing blue in celebration of the Clark School District’s Autism Awareness Day.

Kelly Moscarella and Linda Koepfler’s class from Valley Road School and Brittany Bitran’s class from Franklin K. Henley School joined the preschool in numerous events throughout the morning to raise awareness for autism.

Some of these events were bowling, basketball, soccer, a scooter and ice cream relay, a coloring craft, ball toss, obstacle course, parachute, and crafting a puzzle piece necklace.

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The morning concluded with the students “blowing bubbles” symbolizing the spread of hope, awareness, and acceptance for those who have autism.  The students who participated in the event seemed to have a smile on their face from start to finish.  It was a great morning all around!

“I would like to thank special education teacher, Cristina Carrano and Ashley Tenpenny for their efforts in organizing and orchestrating this fun-filled event as well as Ralph Bernardo and his staff for their assistance and utilization of the recreation center throughout the school year,” said Supervisor of Preschool and School Nurse Lori Kowalski.

“Special thanks to our distinguished guest, Superintendent Edward Grande, for helping make this event possible and for all his support throughout the school year.”

Today 1 in 88 American children are diagnosed with Autism. Autism Awareness Day highlights the growing need, concern, and education about autism and issues within the Autism community.