CLARK, NJ - The Clark Public School District recently held a virtual Parent University session called, Vaping.  The session was hosted by Steve Kaelblein, Student Assistance Coordinator.During the workshop Kaelblein covered a variety of topics relevant to vaping including what it is, its dangers, and warning signs.

Superintendent Edward Grande raised the concern that vaping is becoming very common among students and that it will take the effort of schools and parents to change the tide. “Vaping is impacting our students more and more over time and this virtual session is aimed at informing parents so that we can work together with them to try to combat this trend,” said Grande.

Anyone who missed the session can still can access to it at this link for: Vaping. Previous sessions can be found on the district’s website under Parent University. They can also be found on the district’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The virtual sessions are part of the district’s Parent University program, which included community education nights, parent teas, and two larger assembly-type programs.