SUMMIT, NJ - Donna Francisco, of Clark, enjoyed a moment with the national Pink Heals Tour when it rolled into Overlook Medical Center recently.  With pen in hand, Francisco wrote, "I got this," and signed her name on the side of the iconic pink fire truck.

Operated by non-profit Pink Heals, Inc., the Tour is a program that partners with Public Safety, local businesses and families to bring a community together, providing home visits to individuals suffering from any illness or struggle, showing them that they are loved, cherished and important to others.

Pink Heals "celebrates people, not causes,” says Jeff Meyer, of Putney, Vermont who is a chapter president and volunteer touring with Pink Heals for the past six years.  “I am a former police officer; I like to help people. That’s why I chose this.”

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Francisco found her time with the tour volunteers to be inspiring.   “I have to say all the fireman from the pink heels tour are amazing and wonderful at what they do.  They tell you they love you, they are totally behind you, what a great thing,” said Francisco.

The Summit visit was part of a national tour that visits a different town virtually every day of every month, zigzagging across America. 

 “It’s an honor to have you here,” said Alan Lieber, president, Overlook Medical Center as he watched patients and cancer center staff memorializing their names on the truck and taking happy photos with volunteers. 

Volunteers on the Summit tour included Seth Kallick of Bentonville, Arkansas; John (Jack) Daniels of Palmer, Massachusetts and Kevin Roe a retired division chief in Oklahoma. 

The Pink Heals National Tour operates by the sale of merchandise, gifts and in kind donations to maintain its vehicles, buy gas and travel across the country to visit individuals and share the program. Tour drivers volunteer up to 21 days at a time to drive pink fire trucks and police cars across the country, delivering the Pink Heals Program to communities.

Local chapters use pink fire trucks and police cars as a visual reminder that people matter. Chapters partner with local businesses for home visits in order to provide visit recipients with donated goods, gift cards and services and to give the employees of those businesses the opportunity to bring joy, love and hope to people in need.

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