CLARK, NJ – At last Tuesday evening’s township council meeting, Mayor Sal Bonaccorso announced that the township's Department of Public Works will take over grass pick-up in the coming months. In the past, the township has contracted with an outside vendor to make the collection. 

At the January council meeting, Bonaccorso explained that bids received for grass collection and disposal increased significantly.  The mayor said that by no longer contracting this service to an outside vendor, the township will save about $75,000. 

“That’s a tax point,” the mayor said.

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"We are changing the service.  We are still going to allow you to get rid of your grass but we need your help,” Bonaccorso said.  “Garbage cans are no longer permitted.  Plastic bags are no longer permitted.  Dumping into the street naked is not permitted.  It has to be in biodegradable bags.”

The township will provide the first bundle of ten bags to each household, Bonaccorso said.  Residents can pick up their bundle at the DPW garage April 1, 8, 22 or 29 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.  ID is required.  Bags will also be available at town hall in room 26 from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday throughout the month of April.  ID is required.

“Additional bags can be purchased at Ace Hardware on Westfield Avenue in Clark or any retailer of your choice,” Bonaccorso said. 

“When you do put your bags out please put them out in the roadway one foot from the curb,” Councilman Frank Mazzarella said.  Mazzarella said this allows water to run freely to the catch basins and prevents flooding on your property.

The DPW will begin grass pickup on May 2 and will continue to pick up grass every Tuesday.  Bonaccorso asked that residents be patient, especially during the rainy season, if their bags have not been picked up on a Tuesday.

“I’m going to tell you right now the month of May we may be a little delayed because that is a very heavy month for grass.  Usually from the beginning of May until about the third week of June traditionally is very heavy,” Bonaccorso said.  “We will go down every street.  But there will be a lot of them in the month of May through the end of June…so please be patient.”

The mayor encouraged residents to consider mulching their grass. 

“If you are going to buy a new lawn mower or change your blades over, think about mulching because quite frankly, eventually all this grass pickup may stop down the road statewide.  The landfills do not want it,” Bonaccorso said.  “If you can and will mulch, it’s a good thing for your lawn, it’s a good thing for the environment.”

More information about grass pick up is available in the “2017 Report to the People” and on the Clark website.

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