CLARK, NJ - On Tuesday, November 10th, the Carl H. Kumpf Middle School Student Council held a fundraiser called "Push-Ups for PTSD".  In honor of Veteran's Day, students came up with a unique way to raise money and awareness for veteran's suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after deployments overseas.  

Students donated money to teachers who pledged to do a specific number of push-ups throughout the school day.  Each period of the school day, students were seen in the hallways and in class doing push-ups with various teachers and staff members.

In all the Kumpf teachers and staff did 3,170 push-ups. When combined with the number of push-ups done by students, the total amount of push-ups done at Kumpf for the day was over 5000.   $750. was donated to veteran's suffering from PTSD.  Here is a list of teachers and their push-up totals:

  • Mr.  Hoos – 500
  • Ms. Zaleski- 100
  • Mr. Haines- 460
  • Mr. Acosta- 200
  • Mrs. O’Neill- 220
  • Miss Sundo- 100
  • Ms. Lanigan- 200
  • Miss Drasin- 200
  • Mrs. Veit- 220
  • Miss Greenspan- 20
  • Mr. Hartzler- 240
  • Miss Hamilton- 40
  • Ms. O’Gorman- 66
  • Ms. Davidson- 51
  • Miss Jannucci- 200
  • Miss Mailloux- 20
  • Mr. Baker- 70
  • Mr. Peitz- 30
  • Miss DeFalco- 3
  • Mrs. Falzone- 30

Here are some videos of the day's activites and one special surprise guest video: