Arthur L. Johnson High School's Student Council decided to get the school in the holiday mood by initiating a school spirit week. Student Council, run by advisors Ms. Palma and Ms. Bukowiec, focuses on initiating and coordinating school events. In regards to the significance of spirit week, Ms. Palma herself notes, "Spirit week is important to remind kids of our Johnson pride and promote spirit and class unity as a whole."

Each day, Monday through Friday, was accompanied by a holiday-ish themed getup for students to wear to school. Monday, was ugly sweater day. Students and teachers scrounged up their most hideous holiday attire which they proudly displayed around school. An ugly sweater contest was held and senior Gina Pace walked away with the prize for the creativity of her homemade jumper.

Tuesday was holiday hat and crazy hair day. All throughout school, people wore hats similar to Santa hats, elf ears and deer antlers, and a few adventurous students such as sophomore Ty Dobbins, went all out and spray painted their hair!

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Wednesday, the middle of the week, was wrap yourself like a present day where students walked the halls donned in bows and wrapping paper.

Thursday marked candy-cane day where students wore red and white to resemble this delicious holiday candy.

Finally, Friday changed things up a bit with color-block day. Each grade of students wore a certain color to school corresponding to the color block for their particular grade. Freshman were assigned green, sophomores red, juniors white, and seniors could dress as holiday characters.

To cap off the week, a winter pep rally was held in the school’s lower gym to introduce the winter sports and pump up the spirit for winter break! The highlights included the defeat of the junior class by the senior class in tug of war, who were then defeated by the teachers and faculty of ALJ!

Overall the week was a jolly sight to see, and was a spirited way to kick off the season!

Editor’s Note: Erin Heaning and Kaitlyn King are students at Arthur L. Johnson High School. 

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