CLARK, NJ - Fifth graders in Sharon Fisher’s class at Valley Road School graduated from the D.A.R.E program this week. The students spent Friday afternoons with Officer Patrick Grady of the Clark Police Department  learning how to make good life decisions. 
The program, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, teaches the students just how harmful not only illegal drugs and alcohol can be, but the dangers of prescription drugs as well.
“The students always looked forward to Officer Grady’s visit. They enjoyed learning with him in a comfortable environment that allowed them to really express their ideas and concerns about substance abuse,” said Fisher.
Officer Grady used skits, word problems and scenarios to teach the students helpful strategies on how to say no to drugs and how to handle peer pressure. The students were given opportunities to express their concerns about their future in middle school as well as the opportunity to ask clarifying questions about the information that they heard.