Students in Miss Bartolomeo’s class at Carl H. Kumpf Middle School, in Clark, are learning about the human body. This week, the students are focusing on the skeletal system. The students were introduced to the topic by reading a short story on the skeletal system, while finding main ideas and details within the story.

When the students were finished discussing the story, they looked at pictures and models of skeletons. Then, the students discussed the different types of bones and joints in the body. When the students were done, they were ready to create their own models of the skeletal system.

The students worked from the top to the bottom of the body. Using their fine motor skills, the students cut out the skulls, ribs, arms, hands, legs, and feet. Then, the students glued them onto their piece of construction paper connecting the bones at the joints. When the students were done cutting and gluing, they labeled each of the bones. The students were skeletal system experts after using their multi-sensory ways of learning!