CLARK, NJ – Arthur L. Johnson High School students got a lesson in distracted driving last Thursday, during an open and frank discussion led by NJM Insurance Company's Consumer Safety Director Violet Marrero.

“Distraction is a leading cause of teen driver crashes, we want you to understand that it is more than texting or talking on the phone,” Marrero said during the presentation. “It is anything that takes your attention of the road like changing the radio or talking with friends who are with you in the car.”

Marrero outlined the risks associated with distracted driving and encouraged the students to put safety first.

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With prom and graduation season right around the corner, Marrero also spoke about the added dangers on the road during a festive time of year.  Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, either themselves or by others on the road, is of special concern to students.  She offered ways students could protect themselves, their friends and relatives from celebrating too much and then getting behind the wheel.

The assemblies for juniors and seniors were especially timely as Clark Police recently announced stepped up enforcement of distracted driving during April’s “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” campaign.

NJM Insurance launched its Teen Driver Safety Program in 2013. Since that time, the program has addressed more than 84,000 students. NJM has received national recognition for its efforts to improve teen driver safety. In 2016, NJM received the National Safety Council’s prestigious Teen Driving Safety Leadership Award in recognition of the Teen Driver Safety Program.

The award-winning program is designed to help teens stay safe behind the wheel, and is led at schools across New Jersey, by NJM’s safety officers, retired police officers with more than 50 years of combined traffic safety experience. In addition to general road safety, the program also addresses texting behind the wheel, one of the leading causes of distracted driving and subsequent accidents for teens.

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