Dear Editor,

At the September 14th meeting of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, the all Democrat board consented to guarantee thru the Improvement Authority the bonds funding the $59 million Mind and Body Complex in Roselle. I cannot imagine what the reaction would have been in Garwood if as mayor I presented a project of this magnitude to the residents. Truthfully I would have been busy deciding what color feathers would go with my tar, if I allowed a project with that price tag to be approved. The tax increase is projected to be in the neighborhood of $600 and Roselle homeowners are already paying thru the roof. After speaking with several residents I learned that the average lot size is 40 X 100 and taxes are in the $8,000 - $10,000 range. Average income is about $42K these folks are struggling.

This project is being approved on the backs of the taxpayers who could face loss of their homes or at the very least severe loss of sleep over money worries, it is totally inexcusable. The brainchild of a former mayor this complex is an over compensation to the short comings of the borough. The Board of Education could have built a freestanding Early Childhood Education Center with space to accommodate the library at a fee to the town. The indoor swimming pool, conference rooms and computer labs are wish list items. A project with this high of a price tag and this controversial should go to the voters for approval. But I have to believe that the powers that be realize it would probably be voted down. All but one freeholder voted in the affirmative, he saw unanswered questions; the others should have followed his lead.

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The GOP Candidates for Freeholder Quattrocchi, Martini and Lijoi ask for your vote of confidence this election day Nov. 7th as it is time for some commonsense not to mention consideration of the taxpayers to be exercised on the county government level. Email us at FreeholderUC and visit us on Facebook: Union County GOP Freeholder Candidates.


Patricia Quattrocchi, Clark, NJ