CLARK, NJ – A veterinarian, a lawyer, a salesman, a scientist and a policeman – they came from many different fields and educational backgrounds – and they all shared their expertise with the children of the Frank K. Hehnly Elementary School on “Career Day.”

One was a personal trainer, one a food broker, another a construction supervisor and yet another publishes TAP into Clark.

"The children at Hehnly school were wonderful to work with," Elizabeth Clee, publisher of TAP into Clark said. "They actively participated and asked great questions."

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The third, fourth and fifth grade students spent time with the presenters, learning about a wide variety of occupations.  Each presenter shared details about his or her job, or other jobs available in their industry.  Children learned about the type of education needed to work in certain fields and were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Children in the lower grades visited local businesses, including local banks and the Acme Supermarket, to see how the businesses operate.

Career Day is held at the school every two years.  It is organized by Principal Shirley Bergin and a team of teachers.  A luncheon for the presenters is provided by the PTA.