Three years ago this week our nation was in shock. Our lives were touched by tragedy. My day was turned upside down. That was one day. For the families of those who were lost, it remains an eternity. On December 13, I was privileged to join two hundred concerned individuals in Fanwood in a heartfelt remembrance of the horrific events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary and commemorate the 26 lives lost that day.

We live in fear that this could happen in our community. We have questions about school safety and practice of drills. We want our leaders to take part in the Mayors Against Illegal Guns program. We feel a need to educate the community on gun safety. 

Together, we were there as a concerned community committed to reduce gun violence in our country and local community. I listened to amazing speeches from Union County MOMS Demand Action group leader Lauren O'Brien, Fanwood’s Mayor Mahr, NJ Senator Nicholas Scutari and Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. I was moved by their dedication to change and continued support for closing legislative loopholes. When I hear that everyday 88 Americans are killed by gun violence I shudder at the thought of my three young children ever being included in a statistic so heinous and avoidable.  

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Sunday’s vigil gave me hope. It allowed me to envision an America where common sense gun laws prevail and responsible gun owners are the only people carrying firearms.  

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