In addition to monthly group exhibitions in their main gallery, Gallery U is now featuring a monthly solo exhibition by local artists on their boutique wall. September will highlight the work of Westfield photographer Michael Endy. This special exhibit will premiere the artist’s newest series of photographs titled Across Water.  

Each image in this series shows an American city as viewed from across a large body of water, at the same time of day, and utilizing a consistent horizon line. “I am experimenting with using the camera not as it was intended,” explains Endy, “but to purposely capture unfocused images. The result is painterly and soft, and allows for a viewer’s own interpretation of the subject.” These ethereal images leave more to the imagination than they give up in detail.

An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, September 4, 2015, from 6-8 PM. All are welcome. Artwork will be exhibited through October 5, 2015. Back to School: An Exhibition Celebrating New Jersey Art Teachers will be on exhibit in the main gallery. 

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About MICHAEL ENDY: Michael Endy began his artistic training as a child at Munson-Williams Proctor Institute in Utica, NY. He continued his studies in photography and graphic design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, receiving his BFA cum laude in 1988. Working in New York design agencies for over 20 years, Michael held the title of Creative Director at both Interbrand and Ogilvy Commonhealth before launching his own design consultancy in 2010. He has won over 30 international design awards and is published in many graphic design books. He and his family live in Westfield, NJ, where he is highly involved in the local art scene as President of the Westfield Art Association. 

About GALLERY U BOUTIQUE: Gallery U Boutique is an extension of Universal Institute, a rehabilitation facility that services adults with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The venue serves as a vocational training program whose goal is to introduce people with TBI back into the work force and community. Clients at Universal Institute take part in all aspects of running Gallery U Boutique. Vocational, occupational and cognitive therapies are conducted in the back workrooms. Working at Gallery U Boutique provides an opportunity for adults with TBI to rejoin the workforce, engage with the community, learn new skills, and experience the transformative power of art through exposure to existing art and creation of their own artwork.