I commend Garwood GOP Council candidates Nicastro, Bellomo, and Stevens for running for council, but their town-wide mailer really made me think about how qualified their team is to manage any of the responsibilities of Garwood’s various committees, departments, and council positions.  Their letter with a promise to care without a plan reinforces my suspicions.  Reading their mailed editorial made it clear that they have not witnessed the evolution of the collective and official decision-making process in Garwood over the last few years, at least not like I have by attending almost every Council Meeting and participating in many local events.  I wonder why I have never seen any of these candidates at meetings or events until last week, and I was not impressed with their public comments.


Our spending isn’t out of control, quite the contrary.  Our net debt increased from 0.575% to 0.599% between the last two years on record, and before that there was a slight decrease. Also, Garwood’s debt is one of the lowest in Union County, which is not an easy task.  Running a borough and keeping it fiscally sound is more complicated than they can imagine.  


Garwood is very fortunate to possess nicely maintained parks and a recreation complex, as well as, the proper equipment to maintain our infrastructure and save lives.  I don’t think they understand all the hard work and careful planning that was involved to make Garwood beautiful, responsible, and prudent including our Citizens Advisory Committee where a non-partisan panel of residents provides recommendations on large project spending.  

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The major contradiction in their letters is claiming that spending is way out of control when it isn’t, and then saying they want a self-dependent town.  Good luck breaking the very few mutually beneficial contracts we have with surrounding boroughs without increasing spending or debt.  The recent purchases that they complain about were past due and help to keep us independent, healthy, and safe.


Garwood already impresses people.  We already stand on our own two feet.  We are not the rat infested, pile of debt, dependent, and disaster ridden borough they describe while hiding behind mailers.  We are a “Small Town With A Big Heart” and have a huge sense of community.  We have a group of officials with incredible professional qualifications in teaching, law, criminal justice, finance, and building.  Candidates need critical thinking skills, clear vision, and actual plans to run a borough.  Empty promises and caring are not good enough.  Criticizing what you don’t understand is not a plan.