CLARK, NJ  - On October 31, Arthur L. Johnson celebrated its annual Senior Halloween Event. Staged in the lower gym, the participating seniors got together to show off and spread school spirit through their creative costumes.  

Most of the seniors coordinated costumes in groups which included, Batman and his enemies, Power Puff Girls, Clueless, Spongebob, Shrek, and Fairly Odd Parents just to name a few. Others chose to run solo like Sam Perednia as an old lady. 

The winners of the event were judged by teachers and staff. The most original costume went to Jade McCormack as a marionette. The most terrifying costume was given to Jeff Drajin as the Joker. The funniest went to Ryan Rutrano as Salt Bae. The group award went to the Batman group made up of Jeff Drajin, George Visconti, Kareem, Ryan Spallone, Chris Cundari. Finally the best all around went to Mike Adamowitz, Pat Quigley, Nick Calabrese who were dressed as the ALJ security guards. 

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Teachers got into the act by following their annual theme. This year’s theme was breakfast. Snap, Crackle, Pop, Iron Chef, Fruity Pebbles and French Toast made up just a few of the teachers and staff costumes. Mrs. Feeley dressed up creatively as a “Cereal Killer.”

In addition, for the first time, underclassmen were allowed to dress up if they donated $5 to help support the junior class. Vice Principal Ed Bucior, who dressed as Fred Flintstone (AKA Fruity Pebbles), said, “It was great to see so many people dressed up.”


Editors Note:  This story was written by a student journalist from Arthur L. Johnson High School working under the direction of Mr. F. Reyes.