CLARK, NJ –  In what appears to be a random incident of vandalism, decorations at one of the homes participating in the Clark Christmas house decorating contest were damaged on Saturday evening.

At 11:15 p.m. Saturday night, Tudor Drive resident Lauren Mazzarella heard some noises and thought perhaps one of her two young children had woken up.  She got up to investigate and, as she passed by a window, noticed that two of her blow-up lawn ornaments were deflated.   

Her husband, Ralph, checked on the decorations only to discover that the fabric had been cut, jabbed with a pencil.  How did they know it was a pencil?   It was still in the fabric.  The Mazzarellas were able to patch the fabric with duct tape.

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“My children (ages six and three) would have been really upset if they’d seen it,” said Lauren. “They really like that dinosaur.”

Clark police have not received any reports of vandalism but encourage residents to call them if an incident does occur.

With the decorations restored, the Mazzarellas are hoping for a win when the contest winners are announced Monday evening.  For a list of homes participating in the contest, see Clark Christmas Home Decorating Contest Entries Announced.