The fourth grade students of Hehnly Elementary School in Clark got hands on experience at geology and mineralogy during their recent visit to the Sterling Mines in Ogdensburgh, NJ.

The students started the day off with a tour in the mining museum where everyone completed a scavenger hunt and learned about the history of the mine. Students had the opportunity to search for and classify rocks and minerals, investigate the life of a miner, and observe the unique characteristics of minerals under UV rays.

“It was great watching the students learn about the rich and amazing mineral history of New Jersey,” said Mrs. Stephanie Philippakos, who teaches fourth grade at Hehnly School. “The kids especially loved getting a chance to explore the different mine passages and seeing the amazing “glow-in-the-dark" fluorescent minerals.”

The kids had the opportunity to do geology field work in the Rock Discovery Area by collecting six different types of rocks - slate, basalt, garnet, marble, coal, and sandstone. Students were also able to bring the rocks home as their own starter kit for rock collections.