CLARK, NJ – Fourteen years after the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, the students at the Frank K. Hehnly School stood together to show their patriotism and love for America. The students showed solidarity by wearing red, white and blue, and sang patriotic songs during the school’s remembrance assembly.

“The events of September 11th were tragic and are now engrained in America’s history,” explained Shirley Bergin, principal of Hehnly School. “We want the children of our school to be aware of this day and have the chance to honor those who lost their lives both in the Towers and heroically trying to save others.”

In addition, the fourth and fifth grade students at Hehnly School were part of a special assembly where they were able to view steel that was taken from the Twin Towers as part of a “Mobile Memorial” that was provided by the Township of Clark.

“The students were in awe that a piece of these historic buildings were in front of their eyes,” added Bergin. “It was a very moving experience for our students.”